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Our selection of paper and plastic bags is extensive, and consists of reliable brands. If you require a bag size or type that we don`t normally carry, we will be more than happy to custom-order it for you.

Bacon & Graham Offers the following categories;
  • Poly Slider Zip Bags
  • Bubble Bags
  • Paper Grocery Bags
  • Poly Bag Impulse Sealers
  • Poly Slider Zip Bags
  • Poly T-Shirt Bags
  • Poly Tubing
  • Polyethylene Bags on Rolls
  • Polyethylene Flat Bags 
  • Polyethlene Gusseted Bags
  • Reclosable Poly Bags  
  • Trash/Garbage Liner
For additional details or purchasing information please contact us at
973-684-1488  FAX 973-684-2021

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